My Life with God

God’s Read Receipt

130718-i-heard-that-01I don’t like those read receipts on emails. Perhaps it’s because when someone requests one, I have email set up so that a pop up comes up to ask me if I want to send the read receipt back. It’s just one more step I need to take, another decision I must make. Yet I like knowing whether or not someone sees my Facebook message. Even if he or she doesn’t respond, I know it has been received. (Although let’s face the fact it’s not foolproof. I’ve kept a message thread open, and before my phone screen slipped into sleep mode, a message came in, but I didn’t see it, yet it looked like I’d read it.)

I’m certainly comforted by God’s read receipt:

 The Lord said to him: I have heard your prayer and petition you have made before Me. (1 Kings 9:3a)

God doesn’t have to confirm He heard, because He has and does and will continue. We don’t have to gauge His listening and response by what we expect. We can let Him determine His response instead of claiming He is only listening and is only good and is only God if He does what we expect.

How often do you send a read receipt to Him when He’s communicated or revealed something to you?


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