My Life with God

The Process of the Promise

img_0011We need the process that gets us to the promise of God. Not just the promise.

Knowing the promise isn’t enough. We need to struggle to experience and accept it. That way, it becomes part of who we are, part of our faith, part of our relationship with God.

When we read or hear one of God’s promises, we can say, “Hey, that sounds good. That sounds consistent with who He is. I get that.” But it is in daily life, where the rubber meets the road, that it becomes a part of us.

And sometimes we struggle to accept God’s promise. Maybe we struggle as soon as we read or hear it. Or maybe we struggle once we encounter something in the real world that seems contrary to it. But God’s promises were made for the real world. They’re as real as anything gets.

Get to know God’s promises by getting vulnerable. Let Him show you, not because He has to prove Himself to you but because He’s enough. Let Him show you, not in the way and timing you want and expect, but in surprising ways and places. Let Him show you, because when you experience Him, your faith is challenged and grows.

God’s promise is always worth the process.

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