My Life with God

A Refuge

philip-yancey-quote-wise-godThe refuge of God’s wings isn’t for us to hide and avoid but to claim God’s presence and provision.

We see many examples of covering in the Bible, including the cherubim of the ark of the covenant, Passover blood in Exodus, and of course, Christ Himself. But that covering isn’t for us to hide under because of fear. God’s covering is protection but not a protection of the threats of the world. We are still vulnerable to sickness, trauma, injustice, and death. God’s covering doesn’t take those earthly experiences away. God’s covering gives us the courage to boldly live despite the impact those things have on our lives.

Instead of shielding us from something, God’s covering opens our eyes and hearts to glimpse the possibilities that can grow out of any circumstance. It takes away fear of what can happen and assures us of who we can trust even when what we don’t want to happen does.

Let’s not skew God’s covering into something that serves our own purpose and comfort but doesn’t reflect who He is.

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