My Life with God

Faith for the Wrong Reasons

1017servingwrong_581902485We shouldn’t turn to faith just for solutions to our problems.

Instead, faith provides and drives our peace, purpose, and journey.

We get it topsy-turvy at times. It’s similar to when we look to specific verses in the Bible to apply to the situation for which we most need an explanation or solution instead of getting familiar enough with the Bible so that we have a broad view of the character of God and His will for us. The broad view gives us enough guidance to apply into specific situations, but the limited view often causes us to misapply our limited understanding.

When we use faith in limited circumstances to solve our crises or soothe our anxieties instead of letting it continually permeate, challenge, and nourish us, we live a life of unnecessarily anorexic faith. We see enough or too much where there is a lack.

We claim faith for the wrong reasons.

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