My Life with God

The Day After Christmas

christmastrash-credit-_jim_juricaSometimes we miss, or misplace, the main thing. We pack up what we want to keep, toss the rest, then move on. We set aside Christmas as a season. We express our thankfulness. We gather as a family. We appreciate the gifts we receive. We pause to reflect on the meaning of Christmas and our celebrations.

At our family gatherings, we put the wrapping in trash bags as we unwrap the gifts, then we set aside those trash bags. We’ve learned over the years that odds are fairly high that we’ll overlook something important throughout the process. We keep the trash bags around for a few days and don’t mix it with regular, messy trash. That way, when someone gets home and is missing something, we can easily go through bags of wrapping. And we’ve found the missing items more times than not!

Yes, this approach followed a year a nice gift was given and lost. By the time we noticed, the trash was gone. There was no way to search for and find the gift.

Sometimes we finish up our Christmas celebrations, keep what we want, toss out the rest, and step back into our daily routines barely unchanged.

That’s not the goal of Christmas. We enjoy time with family and friends, but they’re not the focus. We let the commercialization and traditions set our pace, but they’re not the focus. We’re so glad to get past the busyness, that we leave behind the very things we should treasure: the reminder of peace, joy, and love. The birth of Christ that led to His death that made way for not only eternal life for you and me but also a meaningful life today and yesterday and tomorrow.

Before you gather your treasures and move on from Christmas, make sure you’ve sifted through the rubble and grasped the right treasure.

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