The Dry River Ride

My dad took me on a business trip when I was in middle school. Although I don’t remember him doing much business. I’m sure he did a bit, because we planned to go through certain towns so he could make contacts, but I must not have paid much attention to those details. I remember stopping in Jefferson City, driving around the Lake of the Ozarks, roller skating in Joplin, and driving a few miles down the road to Oklahoma just to say we had been to another state that day.

Then we drove across Missouri to canoe in the Current River. It was off season, or maybe it wasn’t busy because it was a weekday. And while the water wasn’t frigid, it certainly didn’t feel like bath water either. I think I had only been canoeing once before. My dad had more experience. One thing he was certain about: he didn’t wanted to tip over. He’d had enough of that experience in the past. I had, too, on my one previous trip, and I would continue to tip over in future trips. But our goal that day was to enjoy the scenery, maneuver the rapids well, and stay dry.

We did all three. It was a serene trip. I don’t remember seeing a single canoe. We kept a consistent but relaxing pace. We strategized as we approached rapids. We worked together, and we problem-solved. Other than that, we didn’t talk a lot. Dad pointed out signs of wildlife here and there. He shared a few stories of past trips down the same river. And that was about it.

It was an uneventful day that we got to spend together.

Sometimes it’s the uneventful moments that are most eventful.

3 thoughts on “The Dry River Ride

  1. I have fond memories of quiet times like that with my dad. He loved to fish, and I did actually get to where I could bait a hook without stabbing myself! It’s the togetherness that we will always remember. Thanks for sharing!


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