Through God's Word


grumble-banner-mpThose who are confused will gain understanding, and those who grumble will accept instruction. (Isaiah 29:24)

“Well, that would be nice!”

That’s what I wrote to the side of this verse in last year’s journalling Bible.

What if every time we grumble, we use it as motivation to shift to inviting and accepting instruction? I’m not pointing fingers; I’m including myself.

Wouldn’t be great if grumbling became something productive?

When we do it, we tend to get stuck. It’s as if the scowl on our face deepens, and we feel the need to infect as many people as possible.

But look at the word. It’s kind of funny-looking. Stare at long enough, and you just might smile or giggle. I start thinking about Pooh Bear’s rumbly tummy.

Oddly enough, when I search for an image of “grumble,” the results include many photos of puppies. I guess others are trying to find anecdotes for grumbles, too.

There is an anecdote (that isn’t alive and squirmy). It’s humility, a willingness to see outside ourselves and learn. And learning seems a lot more fun and worthwhile to me than grumbling.


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