Sign of Love

pureloveblogYou are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life. I do not receive glory from men; but I know you, that you do not have the love of God in yourselves. (John 5:40-42)

God knows our hearts. He knows when we’re pursuing Him. He knows when we’re avoiding Him. He knows when we’re slandering Him. He knows when we’re betraying Him. He knows us.

When we don’t know God, we don’t have His love within us. We still have access to His love. We always have access to God and all of who He is and what He gives. He’s generous and available. But when we refuse, He doesn’t force us. And just like with anything else, there are consequences to our choices. We don’t get the benefits of a relationship with God without the actual relationship with God.

What are signs of a lack of love for God?

You delight in someone else more than you delight in God. It might even be someone who you met because of your mutual love for God, but anytime your relationship with another person overshadows your relationship with God, your love for God wanes. We are replacing the love of God with love for someone else. No matter how healthy or unhealthy that relationship is, it’s not God’s will. God doesn’t want our relationship with Him to be first because He is on an ego trip. He simply knows us best. He is our provider, and if we put others first, we replace the role intended for God and only God with someone else.

You don’t long for significant time with God. Of course, you won’t always get as much time with God as you might want, but not missing that time or being satisfied with the limited time that you have with God is definitely a warning sign of a waning love for God.

Your thoughts and activities in leisure time dishonor God. I’m not going to say specifically what you shouldn’t be doing. Personal convictions are between you and God. He has each one of us on a journey that takes us through different issues as different times. Of course, we know that some things are contrary to God’s will but He knows what confrontation and conviction we need and can handle each moment and season of our lives. If you’re not sure whether what you’re doing dishonors God or not, ask Him. Then listen and respond.

You make excuses for doing things that displease God, and you regularly use the excuse, “I’m only human.”  Not being sure about whether or not you’re dishonoring God is one thing. Making an excuse for dishonoring God is another. Yes, you are human, and ,yes, that means you’re not perfect. You’ll sin. You’ll choose wrong. That’s not an excuse to choose wrong when you know you shouldn’t, and it’s not a reason to excuse it after the fact either. How you handle the moments and patterns of decisions in your life reflect your love for God.

You don’t treat others the way you would treat God. Because God instructs you to love Him and love others, you’re responsible to seeing and treating others with the respect and love you give to God. When you begin to excuse your behavior, the way you express the love God gives you, you dishonor Him in the process. You begin to take into your own hands how you should best respond instead of obediently responding out of the love God lavishes on you.

Don’t become complacent. Take yourself and everything about yourself to God. As you grow in your relationship with Him, you continue to grow in His love. Keep and guard your love relationship with God. It provides all the love He desires for you to have in your life.


Dear God, I love You. I am sorry for the ways I live that contradict or ignore Your love for me. Refresh the passion within me. Help me to see the gaps in my life, the places in which I am avoiding You or dishonoring You.

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