My Life with God

Sitting on the Walking Trail

I tried a different trail every day. I was blessed with time to soak in beautiful surroundings, and I needed the space to breathe and grieve. I felt as if my world had been turned upside down, and I was still reeling. But here, I was outside my routine. I had been given room to deal with it all and heal one more layer of hurt. And I did, one step at a time.

I walked and walked and walked. And many tears watered my path. Just soft tears most the time. No one else probably noticed. Gentle tears welled up from deep within me and spilled one drop at a time.

20170608_105920Until I turned around one day to return the way I had come. Tears filled my eyes, and I walked through the blurry view. But I kept walking. The tears felt hotter and streamed faster until I could hardly see where I was going. And I sat.

That trail was made for walking, but right then, I needed to sit. And cry. And be sad. And let God heal me just a little deeper. When I looked up, I saw the reflection in front of me, and I realized that I sometimes look at the blurry reflection instead of focusing on the source of the reflection. My vision isn’t always focused on the right thing.

Sometimes the purpose for the path He has me on isn’t the purpose I thought He intended. But if I’m willing, He will always take me deeper, sustain me longer, and show me more beauty than I ever imagined or expected.

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