My Life with God

My Faith Is Not

lord-i-cannot-but-you-canJesus is not my crutch but my wheelbarrow.

Some people view faith as weak. A cop-out. The “easy way” to deal with things.

Faith is not easy. It doesn’t make life easy.

Faith demands humility and honesty.

Faith is not optimism. It’s looking through the lens of truth in order to see reality.

Faith isn’t about shirking responsibility onto someone else. It’s knowing who to rely on for what and when. It’s being willing to admit what I can control and what I cannot, then responding to it all with responsibility and humility.

Faith is knowing the source of strength, courage, compassion, wisdom, justice, discipline, joy, hope, love, and mercy.

Faith isn’t believing in what I most want. It is more honest than that. It is less self-centered than that.

In fact, faith doesn’t have a lot to do with me. It might be my faith, but it’s not something I hold in my hand and control; it is something beyond me I am always seeking and searching and discovering.

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