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Ignore It

photo-1524634659287-07de7c333bedI received a beautiful book from a friend for Christmas: The 52 Lists Project. I like lists, and I enjoy writing, so it was a great fit of a gift for me. It has challenged me at times, not just in creativity but to consider the most authentic response.

For example, my recent assignment was to “list the things you should ignore.” Several things skittered through my mind, yet the word “ignore” stood out to me.

I didn’t make a list. (I haven’t always been the best at staying within the lines of writing assignments, but at least that approach has kept my creativity alive.)

Instead, I wrote the following:

I don’t know what I would put on this list, because to ignore something almost seems to be the same as being unaware of it. There are certainly things I want to avoid, not invest in, be influenced or distracted by, but I want to be aware enough to recognize those things, identify them, and intentionally choose to walk away.

Does that make sense to anyone else?

So, I don’t want to let evil get a grip on me. But to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist? I don’t think that’s a good idea. We have to know just enough of what is wrong to be able to identify it. Of course, that primarily comes from knowing goodness and truth.

I don’t want to ignore the worst in life and in others. I simply want to know it just well enough to keep my distance and to encourage others to do the same—and to make a difference where I am so God’s goodness and truth is a glaring reflection that radiates into the darkness.

5 thoughts on “Ignore It”

  1. My darling daughters gave me one of those books for my birthday in 2018. Here I am a year and a half later, about halfway through the book. I dislike lists. When I have tried to make a to do list or an agenda or whatever else you want to call it, it only screams at me that I have not done enough…or didn’t do the right things because I didn’t do what was on the list…
    I picked it back up about a month ago while recuperating from back surgery. Some pages are still blank, or not completely filled in…not sure if that is a failure or lack of creativity on my part. My brain is weary from trying to process information. But I keep trying.

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    1. Well, you certainly don’t have to finish it! Even though I like lists, I’ve taken a slightly different approach with this particular book. It’s more of a thought prompt than a to-do list. It simply makes me ponder some things…then I reflect on why a particular group of things came to mind. It helps me correct my thought and attitude process.

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      1. I have found that to be true. A couple of the prompts stumped me. Where do you start with a list about “have your made a difference in someone’s life” when you have worked in nursing for nearly 40 years!

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        1. Maybe a simple “yes.” Ha! I think it’s hard to consider how we’ve made a difference. Isn’t that others’ perspective? Plus, I always want to consider how I’ve made a difference in a positive way…and not so positive. That helps me learn and grow.

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          1. That was what stumped me! It felt like “tooting my own horn “ to actually say yes…because in reality, many of the cases I thought of made a profound impact on my life. Their life/existence made a difference in mine.

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