My Life with God

Many Littles Add Up to a Lot

Chilli Capitol of IllinoisThere’s an annual event in my town called Chillifest. It’s been going on for three decades, and while I’ve attended for more than a dozen of those, it’s only been the last few that I’ve seen it from behind the scenes. The event is sponsored by the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce, with whom I share office space. And it becomes a flurry of activity leading up to Chillifest!

GTCC has two employees. Chillifest has a committee of around a dozen. And each of those people lead in generous ways. They selflessly give their talents and time for months leading up to the weekend event.

Then there are the dozens and hundreds of others involved. Businesses not only financially help but also volunteer to serve food, set up and tear down, provide materials, building space, and much more. Families serve together. Individuals come together to help with vendors, talent, and more.

Many people do a little, and it adds up to a lot.

That’s what community does. We can often think we’re not enough, we don’t have enough, we don’t know enough. And we’re right. As individuals, we don’t. We can’t plan, fix, or accomplish it all. But we can do a little alongside others. We can give and serve our little so that it becomes a lot as a community.

Do community today. It’s how God likes to get things done. It’s how he grows us. It’s how he provides. Without community, we miss out.


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