The Importance of Position

kimberly-mears-30425It took me a while to understand and trust that God provides for me. (Perhaps I am still in the process of understanding.)

It took me even longer to understand and trust that God prepares me. For anything and everything, even when I don’t feel prepared at all. (Perhaps I’m still in the process of understanding this, too, but learning it has been such a sweet process. I’ve settled into my trust for Him through the process.)

Lately, God’s been teaching me the importance of position. When I start spinning about God’s provision and preparation, focusing on my position makes me pause. As I trust Him to position me, I can fully trust how He has prepared me and how He is providing. I have no doubt I am in the early stages of understanding the process of positioning. I know it requires humility. I know it requires trust. I know it requires my active pursuit but willing obedience. It requires I am willing to move when prompted, even when I’m comfortable, even when I’m scared, even when I can rationalize so many other options.

Provision. Preparation. Position.

They cannot be separated. And I’m thankful for that, because I know God gives all three, no matter how messy I feel my life might be.

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