More Than One Way to Help

82b260419f6f61dea9a2622afbe34b7eThere’s more than one way to help.

We can get tied up in that one “right way” to help someone, get paralyzed, and decide it’s better not to do anything.

Don’t step aside out of a fear of doing the wrong thing. Sometimes doing something is better than nothing. It shows you’re available. And being available is a big deal. The person in need may say no. They might not have time. They might cut you off. But a quick message of “I’m available,” “I’m stopping by to give you a hug then I’m leaving,” “I’m running by the store. Do you need anything?,” or a simple note left on the front door let’s the person know they’re not alone.

And that is one of the best ways to help. You don’t need to solve someone’s problems. In fact, you can’t. But you can be available. And that is nearly always the right thing to do.

Be available today.

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