My Life with God

When We Can’t See God

ca7b7eefb34ac786146c2cefe4059135--quotes-about-eyes-you-quotesWe can’t always see God.

When we don’t feel Him or don’t understand something, we can claim He’s not involved.

That doesn’t mean He isn’t.

Even when we can’t see God somewhere, we can place Him.

I don’t mean we have control over God and can determine where He is. But we can choose to acknowledge His presence without feeling or understanding His presence. We can claim what we learned in the light when we’re standing in the dark. Sometimes the dark is discombobulating to us. Other times, it becomes familiar and comfortable because it’s what we’ve come to know and like. Light and dark and every shadow in between looks different to us depending on where we spend our time. We define it differently.

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