My Life with God

Process vs. Point

0f42105ae0974565bc7f051e07881638We often prefer a point in time over a process.

A point in time is neat. We can make sense of it. Even if it’s hard, it passes.

A process is hard and continues to be hard.

Life, relationships, grief, healing, etc. are processes.

We can try to make them points in our minds so that we can define them, categorize them and set them aside, and get over them – or at least deceive ourselves into thinking we’re over them.

Every point is a part of a process. Sometimes we can only face one point at a time. And that’s okay. We take it one step at a time, one moment at a time. But in the process of the points, we move ahead. We make choices. We continue to work through things and grow.

Taking a step back and realizing we’re in process can help us catch a glimpse of the progress we’re making (or be a reality check of the ground we’re losing).

Every single one of us is at a point in our lives…and in process. The point changes, and the process changes us. Be intentional about that change.

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