My Life with God

The Truth about Honesty

Honesty Word Under Torn Black Sugar PaperHonesty isn’t just about what you’re willing to say. It’s also about what you choose not to say. What you’re willing to talk about and not talk about says a lot about your character and what priorities you place in a relationship.

After you’re dishonest, you have a choice: to continue with that dishonesty or to turn toward honesty. And that’s difficult, because it requires humility. It requires an admission of fault. But admitting weakness isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can be an act of strength.

There is probably something, whether it’s small or large, about which you’ve been dishonest. It might be something you’ve said or something you’ve hidden. It might have helped you but hurt others.

Put someone else first today. Choose humility. Choose honesty. Choose to value a relationship.

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