My Life with God

A Faith Built On…

photo-1484820540004-14229fe36ca4On what is your faith built?

I’m not asking for your “Sunday School answer,” the one you think you should give. I’m not asking for the one you’d like to be able to give someday. Today isn’t someday.

What is your faith really built on right now?

Is it built on your comfort? Perhaps when you are not comfortable, you question and doubt more.

Is it built on answered prayers, as if God is great if he continues to meet your needs but not so much if your prayers aren’t answered the way you want or not at all?

Think about it for longer than a second. I don’t ask in order to make you feel bad; I simply think it’s important to assess where we are, particularly in relation with God, so that we can determine our next steps. We can always grow. We can always change. We can always trust God to rebuild the foundation of our faith.

2 thoughts on “A Faith Built On…”

  1. God is always there, even in the storms. Sometimes the answer to prayers is “no” or “not now”. Sometimes there is silence. But when i ponder life without God, all I see is darkness. A pit. I just cannot imagine life without faith. My statement the other day about something “eating at my soul” (and your response) made me stop and pause. I should have said it differently…our trials here may make us groan, but we need to keep praying and praising God for the privilege of praying.


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