My Life with God

Well-Timed Friendships


God sometimes surprises me with friendships. I had no idea what was coming in my life, nor did some people who had become my friends. We didn’t seek each other out, but God collided our lives. Because of our schedules and responsibilities, we were often together, and through that time, we became friends.

Friends who supported each other through family illnesses, surgeries, divorce, death, and a myriad of related and unrelated inconveniences. We encouraged each other, we covered for each other, we cooked for each other (or had food delivered), and many other things I’m not sure we can even remember in the blurs of life when we all just pitched in and worked through it together.

I’m thankful.

Not all friendships last forever. In fact, very few of them do. But our lives are changed for the better because of some of those short-term friendships. Oh, we’ll try to stay in touch even though our schedules and responsibilities have changed. Sharing burdens is a strong bond. We might not have known how important the friendships would be when we first met, but we now know.

I am thankful.

And I’m attentive, because I never know when God is colliding my life with someone who will be important to me (and I to them) in the next season of life.

You never know.

Pay attention.

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