My Life with God

Make a Difference

mother-teresa-people-unreasonable-forgive-honest-3s8hJust because you don’t get the desired or expected outcome doesn’t mean you don’t make a difference.

We might want to give up when we try to help or influence someone, and they don’t receive what we offer them. We can approach people with a plan for how we will interact in the most positive and helpful way, and things can still go horribly wrong. People can take what we offer in the wrong way. They can refuse and ignore us. They can even hurt us. And we can be surprised, devastated, or discouraged.

Yet the results we see don’t define the finality of the influence we have. Sometimes a seed is planted or cultivated in ways we can’t fathom. Sometimes something is uprooted or pruned. Sometimes the turmoil is important, because without it, someone wouldn’t consider and process something.

Don’t let your limited perspective of the results determine your next step. Only God sees it all. The best you can do is to trust him. He can plant, cultivate, prune, uproot, heal, teach, and guide under any conditions. Just don’t expect him to make everything and everyone fit neatly into your timing and expectations.

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