My Life with God

Choosing Joy

s-l300I am choosing joy.

Today. Right now.

It’s an ongoing process. I can change my mind at any time, which means I need to be intentional about my choices. To say I am choosing joy is much more accurate than saying I am joyful. Much of the time, the latter is true, but there seems to be too much static and distraction to declare an unchanging state. Describing how and who I am denotes an intentional process.

It’s not just joy. Consider the difference between:

  • choosing patience and being patient.
  • choosing humility and being humble.
  • choosing peace and being peaceful.
  • choosing faith and being faithful.
  • choosing hope and being hopeful.

The latter seems to pressure us to claim and become each characteristic with no room for imperfections, and quite frankly, it’s not possible. When I admire and describe someone as humble or faithful or peaceful, I know they also have times when they struggle. The truth is they have chosen to empty themselves of themselves to be filled with what reflects God, but all selfishness doesn’t go away. Emptying ourselves and letting God guide and fill us is a full-time commitment.

Choosing God, moment by moment, isn’t an easy way, but I’ve certainly found it to be inspiring, rewarding, and more challenging than anything in my life.

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