My Life with God

I Wonder

tumblr_l89le4msP51qzwokwo1_1280Sometimes God plays his hand so obviously. Other times we wonder.

Or wander.

There is definitely a difference between wondering what God is up to and wandering. One is inquisitive but within confines because of the respect it entails. We might be curious, but we also trust enough to know that we might never learn or understand the why, when, and what.

The other is a meandering that can be disorienting. That’s not our intent much of the time. We want to think we’re on a purposeful journey but our focus is too diluted. We begin to consider too many possibilities, or we hone in on only what makes sense to us, what we can pinpoint and control.

But we can’t pinpoint and control God. However, we can trust and respect him. We can let him guide our wandering and let him be the focus of our wondering.

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