My Life with God

Good Girl

1I sometimes get tired of being good but I never tire of being godly.

To be clear, being godly isn’t perfection. It’s more of a striving, a process, a yielding. It is constant, like God. But it is always changing, too. Not that God or his standards change, but trusting him to guide me in being godly changes me every single moment. He works on different rough edges, encourages me with fresh insight and perspective, and challenges me to learn more deeply and live more fully.

Being good is exhausting in and of itself. None of us can do it in our own strength. Goodness comes from God, so when we try to become good on our own, we lose perspective, stamina, and purpose. I have tried it on my own, and I have learned that following and trusting God is tough at times, but walking away from him or trying to wrestle control away from him is even tougher. It sometimes feels easier, because we think we’re freed from some of the boundaries he puts in place, but are we…really?

Being good can feel good and empowering, but those feelings can be misleading. The more we try to do good on our own, the shallower the veneer becomes because of the constant wear and tear on our souls. We try to fill ourselves, but if we’re not an endless source, how can we resource ourselves?

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