My Life with God

Pure Joy

I received a large box from one of my best friends. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t prepared for what was inside. It was a joy-filled box. Stuffed. Full. So stuffed that when she and her husband tried to put the lid on the box, the box broke. The joy was literally busting the seams.

The last time I visited her, we talked about pure joy. I’m not sure some of our specific ideas and dreams will come true, but I know this for sure: we will find joy in life no matter the circumstances.

When I started writing Pure Purpose, I didn’t know the impact my search of what God’s idea of “pure” (purpose or anything else) would be on my life or others. But the search was authentic. The goal was truth. And that journey has caused me to let go of many things but also given me the opportunity to steep in God’s presence, purpose, and peace. It’s been an adventure (and continues to be).

The box my friend sent was filled with so many happy things: comfy socks, sprinkles, happy emoji sticky notes, oversized hot chocolate mugs, cute organizing containers, and much more. The joy isn’t found in these things or any other things. The joy in opening and exploring that huge box was the reminder of conversations with my friend, the journey of our friendship and faith, the hope and promise of what is to come.

Pure joy isn’t a specific circumstance. It’s a position of my heart, mind, and soul. It might not be contained in a box, but it overflows wherever I allow it to reside. That’s how God’s abundance is.

No matter what you’re going through today, let God fill your life in ways you might not understand right now but will abundantly provide for you. Instead of expecting joy in specific ways, let him surprise you.

His ways are overflowing.

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