My Life with God

Routine Prayers

ashley-kirk-46354-unsplashI have a favorite fountain drink stop. I cross paths with a good friend at the fountain drink machine from time to time. I have delivered her favorite fountain drink to her a few times. She’s paid for my drink several times.

Recently, she had an onslaught of tough situations. Because of our fountain drink stop connection, I’d often think of her when picking up my drink, and I used it as a prompt to pray. After repeated prayer prompts, I texted my friend to let her know my prayer prompt for her: a fountain drink stop. I knew it would spur a smile.

I recently ran into her at the store, both with fountain drinks in hand. Both with a smile and appreciation for the connection between us and with prayer.

There are other places I’m prompted to pray. I drive by someone’s workplace, see a particular item in a store which reminds me of someone, hear a song or specific lyric, and the list goes on. Sometimes my routine itself prompts the prayer; other times, being outside my routine serves as the prompt.

I don’t want to become mechanical in my prayers. The way I approach prayer is the way I approach God. I want God to interrupt my routine and infuse it with prayer.

Listen to prayer prompts today.

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