My Life with God

Wringing Worry

boram-kim-91504-unsplashWe can wring out worry through prayer.

It’s not as if we can give up worrying altogether. We can frame it however we want to minimize or sugarcoat it: concerned, invested, responsible. The line we cross between facing reality and being responsible and worrying isn’t crystal clear. We rarely do well with the reminder to not worry. It’s like when someone says, “Don’t look now, but…” then proceeds to explain what’s happening behind you. How can you not look?

The reminder to “be anxious for nothing” often prompts anxiety. “Don’t worry” often spurs worry, even if it’s simply the thought of how we’re handling worry wrong. We have to be more intentional with our worry – doing something with it instead of simply avoiding it.

Twist it into prayers, then wring out the worry through prayer. The best place for worry is prayer because the focus shifts from worry toward God, and he can keep it in context. He knows what to separate and set aside. He knows what to demolish and build.

We try to figure it all out. Worry is certainly connected to our pride and need for control. It looks different on different people, but it is a challenge for everyone. Good thing we can wring it out through prayer. Be willing to offer it up today.

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