My Life with God

Awkward Silence

photo-1503005424919-248ef519ed29Maven Bath & Candle Co. is located close to my daughter’s home. I have my favorite scents but still like to peruse what is new or seasonal. Some scents definitely qualify as creative and unique.

My most recent visit included a new scent of Awkward Silence. Who knew awkward silence had a scent? (Of course, I asked and heard the back story.)

I am a sensory person. I especially enjoy (or am repulsed by) scents. Smells enhance my experiences. And I associate some experiences with specific scents.

But awkward silence?

I don’t associate it with a specific scent. To be honest, I don’t experience awkward silence much. To me silence is a welcomed, necessary pause at times. It can be an invitation to reflect, reconsider, and choose well.

Perhaps it  carries a whiff of peace and possibility. And that is a scent I welcome.

Breathe in.


Pay attention to the scents of today.

Experience the fullness of today.

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