My Life with God

Waste Not

PicMonkey CollageMy daughter bought me a chocolate bunny for Easter. It was my favorite: dark chocolate. I knew it was going to be delicious because she bought it from a chocolate shop we visit often. But I couldn’t imagine eating it, because it was adorable.

In fact, even the label identified it as “The World’s Cutest Easter Bunny.”

He (she? it?) sat on my kitchen counter for five days before I faced the decision. I knew if I didn’t eat it soon, the chocolate wouldn’t taste quite as good. But could I eat the whole thing by myself?

I took him to work and set him on my bookcase. He looked at me all morning until I decided I couldn’t stand him staring at me any longer. I opened the package and ate an ear, then the other ear, then broke him into pieces to share with coworkers.

I was right: he was scrumptious. Not everyone in the office likes dark chocolate, so I ate more than I should have. But I enjoyed every bite.

Sometimes we  can enjoy something or someone from a distance, but other times, we have to sacrifice one aspect of something or someone in order to experience it more fully.  Decisions of sacrifice are difficult at times, but giving up one thing for another is necessary.

No matter how cute/wonderful/comfortable/treasured something is, sometimes we have to break it apart to fully appreciate and savor it, then be willing to move on. Because you can’t put all the broken pieces back together.


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