My Life with God

Where We Fit

photo-1519309621146-2a47d1f7103aEvery time I read through the book of Nehemiah, I marvel at the teamwork among those who rebuilt the wall. Chapter three is filled with words such as “next to.” People worked next to each other. They worked together.

Another word is frequent: after.

Sometimes we work next to someone, and sometimes we work after (or before). Although we might not be side by side at the same time, we work together. Transitions are important. People lay groundwork for us, and we lay groundwork for others. It is important  that we develop trust and respect. It is important we allow permission for people to accomplish something in ways that are different than us. We don’t have to tear down each other’s work and start fresh (although there are certainly times that’s important).

Appreciate the people you are working next to, after, or before today. Work together.

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