My Life with God


photo-1519480316354-28f97e3c70deThis Spring has been odd so far – at least in Illinois. Thunderstorms and downpours, heavy snow flurries, and a few warm days of sunshine every now and then. When I heard two days in a row were supposed to be warm, I set aside evening time for walks in my favorite park. On the third day, one I expected to be chilly and damp, the sun was still shining warmly as I left work.

I quickly changed my clothes and headed to the park. As I rounded one of the curves, I realized how upright and energetic I felt. There weren’t many signs of Spring around me – the leaves were not budding and very few colors pushed their way through the ground – yet Spring was coming alive. And I felt alive despite the many challenges I was facing.

Hope is not dependent on weather. Strength is not dependent on weather. I am thankful to rely on God for both through every season.

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