My Life with God

Beginning of Doubt

photo-1489367874814-f5d040621dd8“Did God really say…” (Genesis 3:1)

That’s all it takes: A simple question sparks doubt.

It didn’t take long for doubt to be introduced to the world. And doubt isn’t bad in and of itself. How we handle it determines its impact on us. We can invite it to destroy us or strengthen us.

Our doubt doesn’t change God – only our perspective of him. Our doubt doesn’t change truth – only our acceptance of it.

Refuse to give simple answers to the question, “Did God really…?” Refuse to wallow too long in the question. Explore the question. Wrestle with the question. Expose the question. Instead of getting stuck and refusing to budge unless you get the answer you want, step into the question. Have honest conversations with others and God. Listen. Sift. And be sifted. You might not get the big answer you want yet find several smaller answers. You might not get a specific answer you want yet find broader answers.

And you’ll likely find God. Not the God you thought you knew or the God you refuse to know but the truth of who he is. He wants to tell you more than you know.

Are you asking?

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