My Life with God

Very Hardy. Thrives On Neglect.

20180502_131851Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t have a green thumb. I appreciate the beauty of plants, but I can’t keep many alive. Perhaps part of it is I simply don’t have an interest. I enjoy many things, but tending to plants isn’t one of them.

The sign on an outdoor display of plants caught my eye. It didn’t make me want to peruse the selection; it made me think about life.

I don’t know anyone who thrives on neglect, but hardiness sure can be helpful. I’m not referring to a calloused hardness, building walls to keep people out in order to avoid hurt or truth. I’m referring to a resiliency, a stability and acceptance of the truth of character and situation. It’s a humble realization of truth combined with a hope-filled trust of God’s provision.

We find (or place) ourselves in a variety of soil and growth conditions. I am thankful God has grown me to be hardy. And I am grateful he never neglects me.

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