My Life with God

I Surrender All


This might be one of my favorite photos ever. I had no idea it was being taken. I wasn’t sitting in my usual spot at church (not that I even have a regular spot). I had surrendered myself to worship. My son-in-law led worship, and my daughter poured out her heart as she belted the lyrics. I didn’t notice so many details as I worshiped. It was only as I glanced at the photo after the fact that I recalled a few details. At the time, I simply surrendered.

I have written multiple blog posts about the sweetness of worship in this time of uncertainty and hurt. I still attend the church where my soon-to-be-ex and I served well, invested in others deeply, raised two daughters, struggled to grow in faith, and worshiped together week after week. He immediately left the church when he left the marriage. I didn’t forge forward and try to continue as was. I stepped forward with my hurt. I carried my shattered pieces with me, not to try to figure how how it all fit, but to simply worship – to trust God and his character and promises. To live out what I had learned in the light as I felt the world go dark around me.

Worship became more pure, and the more completely I surrendered, the more pure God made me. The more he clarified priorities and characteristics – who he is and who I could become with him.

This picture is a glimpse into the possibilities, the purity, the surrender of my life.

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