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Everyday Prayers: Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can bring many things to mind: crowded stores, overwhelming choices, a necessary but unenjoyable task, high prices, grumpy cashiers, forgotten items, and the list grows. Yet grocery shopping also brings many opportunities for connecting with God.

  • Thank God for the nourishment he provides. Then make good choices at the store.
  • Thank God for the resources to buy what you need, which is more important than what you want.
  • Thank God for teaching you lessons in sacrifice—financially, physically, and spiritually.
  • Thank God for the variety in your life, and ask him to guide you in choosing what he intends for you.
  • Thank God for the opportunities to connect with other people even when you prefer to stay on your own schedule.

Despite how busy the process of preparing for, completing, and unpacking grocery shopping might seem to you, commit to using it as a time to talk with God, trusting him for peace even in the chaotic moments and listening to his guidance in the mundane.

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