My Life with God

Plug It In

photo-1508920291026-c344bbfca1abI jumped on my usual treadmill and pressed the start key as I straddled the belt for steadiness while I adjusted my ear buds. I like the belt to be moving at my preferred pace so I can jump on and get moving immediately. There’s something a bit thrilling to me about the sudden shift from standing still to quick-paced walking.

But this time, nothing moved. No lights brightened the display.

I checked the safety connector. I pressed the start key again. Nothing. I began to gather my things to move to my second-choice treadmill.

“Check the cord,” someone nearby suggested.

Of course. No power source. I wasn’t connected.

It happens often. We disconnect from our power source or try to connect to the wrong type of power. We try to power through on our own. We get confused as to why things aren’t moving along as expected. We decide to move. Yet there is a simpler solution. Not easy, just simpler. We still have to put forth some effort; we need to use the tools we’re given. We need to stay connected.

How connected are you to the trustworthy power source?

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