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Welcome Joy

I ordered a Christmas wreath from a friend who lives in another state. We don’t get to see each other often, and I was excited to welcome a reminder of her into my home. She doesn’t usually ship her creations, but she made an exception for me. She let me know the day she shipped it and the estimated delivery date.

It didn’t arrive on the Monday I expected it.

It didn’t arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I reached out to ask for the tracking number, but she misplaced the receipt, which she found that Friday. Tracking proved it had stalled in its progress but showed up at my house the next day.

It was just a wreath, but receiving that package gave me such joy. The wreath even includes the word joy. I’ve never been much of a wreath person. Except for a snowman wreath one of my girls bought when with my mom years ago, I didn’t consistently put up a wreath in a certain place or a certain season. Then I moved into my own home, and one of my closest friends made me a wreath with a special significance. Ever since, I’ve enjoyed seeing a wreath greet me and guests.

When the box arrived that Saturday, I noticed she had included a sweet Christmas card. I smiled. Then I laughed. The box came from Piggly Wiggly. I have several fun memories of Piggly Wiggly with my girls, and seeing the store’s name on the side of my package made me giggle. Sure, I’d waited a while for the wreath to be made then endured the uncertainty of shipping, but when it arrived, it was just right in so many ways.

That’s what joy does. It seems to delay at times. We anticipate it and might even worry a bit about it. But when it arrives, it brings a welcome. It invites a smile and a sigh, even a giggle at times. It might be wrapped in the ordinary yet familiar. When it arrives at its destination, it is best to unwrap it, care for it, and let it reside where you are for a season.

Joy is not just for us to enjoy but for sharing with those around us. Post joy on the front door, the back door, and throughout every room of your home and heart.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Joy”

  1. I could not love this any more, and how very true! God is so good isn’t he?
    He created us to have JOY , to be JOYFUL to share that Joy with those around us. Im not a writer by any means , my writing is usually full of misspelled words. But I love everything you write Susan, I read so much of your little blogs and posts. Do you know why? It brings ME joy, I can hear you in your writing, I know that sounds funny but it is altogether true. It makes me feel like we are sitting having one of our conversations! That brings ME joy! Thank you for sharing ! Love you Mufasa!!


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