My Life with God

What Was That?

photo-1422190441165-ec2956dc9eccI woke up in the middle of a strange dream. It made very little sense, and it sort of bothered me. I stayed in bed for a few minutes and pondered it—and tried to shake it.

As my mind swirled, I thought of a loose end to which I hadn’t followed up in about a month. It wasn’t part of the dream, but the person who disturbed me most in the dream was connected to the loose end.

As unsettling as the dream was, it prompted me to move forward with something, so I was grateful for the odd dream. I wasn’t bothered by the dream at all after that. Now, I don’t even remember the details. I’m just thankful for the reminder to follow up with something.

God provides in creative ways.

Not that every dream, interaction, or phenomenon is God’s provision. We need to discern what’s a prompt, lesson, or correction from him and what’s not. We can’t always clearly know, but the better we know him, the more we trust his creative provision.

And sometimes it’s the little things. Sometimes it’s even unsettling things. Through it all, he makes me smile.

Thanks, God.

3 thoughts on “What Was That?”

  1. You gotta love God! To think He just tapped and awakened me from one of those awkward little dreams and I’m now reading this message! After waking up, I felt the nudge of the Lord to do something totally unrelated to the dream or anyone in it, so I did it immediately. Then I logged in and read this…

    You may not have any idea why you had the urging to write this message, and you may have even wrestled with doing it, but know this, when the Lord drops a word to share into your spirit, like Nike, Just Do It! The Lord may allow us to sometimes get a glimpse of the fruit of what He does through us, but then there are times that He won’t.

    This was one of those times where He did! Thank You Lord for using Susan to be a vessel of confirmation and affirmation!!

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    1. God amazes me in his abundant and creative provision! Thank you for sharing. Often times, I’m confident I am supposed to write something but have no idea how God will use it. It is a blessing to get a glimpse every now and then!

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