My Life with God

In the Middle

photo-1483935254693-d16df5d8741aIt is one thing to know God is in the middle of a hard situation because of a rote or desperate claim. It is another thing to see and place him in the middle of a hard situation.

We claim God works things out for our good. We claim he has a plan to prosper us. We claim all things are possible for and with him. Yet our claims sometimes lack pervasiveness. Our claims do more to soothe us than humble ourselves to God’s truth, purpose, and presence.

When we intentionally see and place God in the middle of our hard situations, we make it less about us and more about him. We remind ourselves of his character and remind him we trust him. We claim, “Even though I don’t understand and may never understand, even though I hate this situation, I choose you, God. I may not completely know what that means or involves right now, but I’m becoming okay with that. I’m learning that’s what pure faith does.”

Placing God in the middle of the hard stuff of life requires humility, intentionality, and attentiveness. It’s worth it. After all, it’s where God belongs – in the middle. It’s where he is anyway – in the middle – but recognizing his presence and purpose there is powerful.

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