My Life with God

Sweet Saturday

photo-1525364990577-e6dd65c8eae5I made plans for my first Saturday off work after several months, and I thought I might regret it. Was it smart to be gone nearly the entire day when I might have preferred to just chill at home all day? Not to mention, it was only a couple days after a reality check that twisted me around a bit (then, thankfully, helped me refocus). I would need to be on my A-game because I was going to be with a couple younger women who look to me as an example. I didn’t want to let my friends down. I wouldn’t cancel on them. I also wouldn’t put on a mask and pretend. Being an example. requires authenticity. I would share myself – appropriately yet honestly.

What a sweet day it became. The several-hour drive was beautiful. We took a scenic route and enjoyed the sunshine, bursting colors, and a flurry of people enjoying outside work in their yards and fields. We talked about a variety of topics – some serious and some silly. We shared a friend’s new world, where she had moved. I can now picture where she is when we connect through texts and social media. We took our time and simply hung out together. We savored sweet friendship.

There is no other way I would have wanted to spend that Saturday.

Sometimes we need to fully engage and step into the sweet invitations God extends.

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