My Life with God

Server Grace

photo-1421622548261-c45bfe178854The small local restaurant was crowded. There wasn’t much waiting space, so we tried to stay out of the way. It wasn’t easy. After a while, a server came by and told us to pick any seat we wanted and just wait for someone to leave. That seemed awkward, but we inched through the restaurant…until another server saw us and asked what we were doing, then apologetically told us the server who instructed us was new and didn’t know better.

We ended up getting the space I most wanted, despite not requesting it, and we also got the new server. She was nervous. She couldn’t answer several of our questions, and at one point, she had a coughing fit and could barely catch her breath. But she was trying. She was sweet. And we tried to be patient and encourage her.

People who work with the public face many challenges. Sure, their job is “serving” others, but can’t those of us being served serve right back with generous patience and grace?

Give it a try today. When you encounter someone who seems challenging, inconvenient, or rude to you, serve them a heaping dose of grace.

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