My Life with God

Leaves of Three, Let Them Be

poisonivy-728It’s a popular phrase to help people identify poison ivy. But there are a lot of “leaves of three” that aren’t poison. In fact, my guess is the majority of plants with leaves of three are not poisonous. And many people, including myself, have little to no reaction to poison ivy. Yet poison oak might cause a reaction, or as I found years ago, it might take the strength of sumac’s poison to prompt a problem.

Our different reactions and to what extent we need to be exposed to the poison of such plants reminds me of the various timings and reactions we have to Satan’s influence. What one person can sit in the middle of causes another person to break out and itch like crazy by just being close. What one person struggles to overcome for weeks barely causes discomfort for another. Not to mention how poorly or accurately we identify the poison or how attentive we are to our surroundings and contacts.

It’s not enough to know our limits. Knowing we’re allergic yet staying away from what poisons us requires attention to our surroundings, familiarity with what infects us.

Be aware of Satan’s influence on you. Be aware of your surroundings. Know your limits and your poison. Our leaves differ.

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