My Life with God

My Monkeys

not-my-monkeys-888I heard myself say the popular avoidance phrase: “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

But I looked around and realized it was my circus and my monkeys. That’s what leadership, parenthood, relationships, and influence looks like.

We all have responsibility.

Responsibility and control are not the same thing. We don’t control people and situations, but we have responsibility in how we interact and influence. We have responsibility to be humble and discerning.

Sure, it all seems a bit crazy at times, but maybe responsibility is just what we need. If we constantly ingest reasonable doses of responsibility, perhaps we’d be less overwhelmed when it bumps into us.

2 thoughts on “My Monkeys”

  1. “Responsibility and control are not the same thing” needs to be a magnet plastered on on all our refrigerators. What an important truth to keep in mind as we raise our kids and/or deal with ministries.


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