My Life with God

Stay and Go

photo-1452167031782-c3e7bb820e65Someone else can keep you where they most want you to be for their own purposes, but that doesn’t actually put or keep you in that place.

Even you can box yourself in. You can assume you “can’t” or you “can only” or even “you deserve” and end up missing out on the possibilities outside the place you or someone else puts you.

That doesn’t mean you completely ignore truth. Just because we don’t like what others say about us doesn’t mean they are void of truth. Just because you don’t like the boundaries someone sets or suggests for you doesn’t mean they aren’t good boundaries for you to respect for a season. Just because you don’t like or understand something doesn’t make it wrong. Just because you are comfortable doesn’t mean you should be.

Go where you need to go. Stay where you need to stay. And remember – “need” is a much broader concept than you may want to admit, because it isn’t self-d3termined. You need others – and particularly God – to define your needs, then meet them in his timing.

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