My Life with God

Unconditional Love

photo-1522849917652-bd197c101eccThe process of unconditional love is not passive.

We often misconstrue what unconditional love is and what it looks like in practice. If we truly love someone, we will speak truth into their life. We will attempt accountability. We will be respectful, too. We will give them a safe space, too. We will go out of our way to meet them where they are…at times. We will hug them without saying a word and listen without giving feedback…at times.

But we will do those things in specific situations. If that’s all we do while the person continues to choose poorly – in ways that destructively impact their own lives and others’ – when they continually refuse to take responsibility and consider other people – we add to the damage by coddling them. We enable them and become part of the problem.

Unconditional love isn’t passive. It’s not permissive. It is compassionate and caring – and bold and brave.

And it always requires humility and wisdom.

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