My Life with God

Nearing the End

photo-1474546652694-a33dd8161d66I sometimes lose track of time on the treadmill, but I am nearly always aware of the last stretch of time as I near the goal. I walk by time. I also have distance and pace goals, but they either match or lead me into my time goals.

As I near the end of my time, I often take a quick evaluation and determine if I want to change my pace for the last five to fifteen minutes.

  • Should I slow down and coast? (Rarely.)
  • Should I keep my pace? (Yes.)
  • Should I push myself at the very end? (Often.)

No matter what I choose, I will reach the goals I set, but how I end is the final stretch, measuring if I’m wiling to lean forward to give it a little extra effort and end with a breath of satisfaction.

There is not one singular finish line of life. There are many laps, many goals, many attempts. We have many opportunities to choose our effort.

Today is one of those choices.

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