My Life with God

The Extra Mile

photo-1505184158618-46f1e609d036My friend shared the illustration that it was as if I had run a marathon, then found out what I thought was the end of the marathon wasn’t the end after all, that I still had several miles to go.

Extra miles aren’t necessarily extra miles, but they certainly feel that way at times. They are exhausting and discouraging. We think we can define and see the finish line, but there are more miles ahead. The road stretches onward. Who are we to define the course and determine when we are done?

Just because we want to reach a certain point doesn’t mean everything will be the way we want or expect at that point. Whether we collapse and refuse to move onward or we value the benefits of the future and continue to move forward (and our reasons for doing one or the other) says a lot about us and our trust in God.

Weariness and discouragement might pause us, but they don’t have to stop us.

You might not think you can go the extra mile today, and you probably can’t in your own strength, but as you purpose forward, you might find God has a beautiful plan for the next mile or two.


2 thoughts on “The Extra Mile”

  1. There are some days I feel like I can’t go the extra mile. I can’t do life on my own. With His help, I am comforted, rested and renewed, ready to face any challenges.


    1. Yes! Sometimes the moments seem too much. We can’t look too far ahead, or we will be overwhelmed. God gives us enough for right now. He has provided us for right now. And many times he brings the right person and words (or even no words at all) in our lives to help. I am so grateful. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of yourself.

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