My Life with God

Life of Worship

photo-1473308822086-710304d7d30cWorship is a way of life.

We can be haphazard in our worship…and we often are. We go through our days and worship one thing after another – whatever we feel the need or desire to focus on and value at each specific moment. We worship work, routine, relationships, food, status, money, image, influence, and more.

Even when we don’t want to worship such things, they are part of our lives. We can live with an underlying worship that gives everything context – a filter of our focus.

Living a life of worship, for example, with a faith in God doesn’t presume everything must be verbally identified in the context of God. It would be pretty time-consuming for us, not to mention annoying to others, if every explanation, statement, question, and reflection required a reference to God. That doesn’t mean God isn’t involved!

When God is the foundation, he is also the filter – of our thoughts, attitudes, and responses – but only as we yield.

We are each yielding to something or someone every moment, even it it is the illusion of self-determination. Be intentional about your way of life. Be intentional about your life of worship.

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