My Life with God

Good Morning!

It’s my favorite movie: Singin’ In The Rain. And this is one of my favorite songs in the movie. I sang a shortened version to my girls when they were young. I often catch myself humming it as I get ready for work.

Recently, I slept a few short hours before waking up in the middle of the night. I was quite awake. I mentally went through a checklist of why I might be awake. I wasn’t worried. I felt fine. I tried to settle back in, but I was too awake. So, I spent time praying for people God brought to mind. Time passed quickly, and when I was done, I realized I was more awake than earlier. It was nowhere close to time to get ready, so I got up and did some things I would normally do in the daylight. I later took a quick nap before getting up for the full day. And I didn’t feel sleepy all day.

The joy of morning comes at a variety of times. So does the realization that something we thought would work won’t. So does the nudge to reach out to others. Sometimes we have a pep in our steps, and other times we collapse on the couch and feel like giving up. We sing in the rain and skip through the night not because we ignore our setting or reality, but because we fully live within it. We know our reaction isn’t dependent on specific conditions. We know our faith and hope provides a true perspective of our lives.

Good morning, good morning to you and you and you and you!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning!”

  1. I came across the sheet music for this song a few years ago and had planned on using it in a music prelude I had been asked to play for during one of our state meetings in Eastern Star (a fraternal group I belong to). But, the person in charge of planning the itinerary during the conference changed things up and made what was normally a breakfast meeting into a luncheon instead. Which never started on time due to the morning meeting running over. So using a “Good Morning” theme became moot. But I have hung on to it in case another opportunity arises!

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