My Life with God

Twisting the Lid

photo-1517245480009-64056ebabb49Sometimes we loosen the jar lid just enough for it to be easy for someone else to open it. Or sometimes someone loosens it for us. One person might work and struggle and try multiple approaches, but it doesn’t feel as if the lid budges.

Until it finally does.

People are similar. There seems to be little budging – until there is. One person works hard, and it seems easy for someone else. The person who finally gains access gets the credit even though little effort was needed because of someone else’s work.

And maybe that’s okay.

Our efforts are important but not always in the way we presume and prefer. Our efforts are important in the context of yielding to God and his purpose. We respond with humble effort and responsibility and trust God for his responsibility, influence, and timing.

We don’t need the credit. God ultimately gets the glory.

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