My Life with God


photo-1530739691532-66ad4a77a2bdMy youngest daughter teaches fifth grade. And she serves on the worship team at church, either singing or running video pretty much every Sunday. Several of last year’s fifth grade boys started hanging out with her in the sound booth, and she’s been teaching them and preparing them to service in the booth on their own.

They are capable. She knows it and has told them many times, including a recent Sunday which would be their first solo responsibility. She would be closeby. She left them in the booth before the worship service began. I walked in and asked for a mic and their eyes were big as they asked, “Where’s your daughter?!”

“She’s coming. She knows you are fine and can get everything started. She’ll be here soon.”

“We need her now.”

I smiled and reassured them then went to find her.

Sure enough, they did a great job. She stood nearby. She wasn’t needed for video help as much as reassurance.

Isn’t that how we often respond?

God knows we’re equipped and ready, but we don’t always feel that way. We second guess ourselves, but we don’t need to second guess him. We feel overwhelmed, but he never is.

With God, we are capable. And he is always standing by.

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